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2017 - 04 - 24
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In 2017, the 15th China (guangzhou) international professional audio, lighting fair a complete success!
2013 - 12 - 11
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In 2014 Shanghai international exhibition of professional lighting sound, the laser exhibition a complete success!
2013 - 11 - 29
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My company has to attend the 2013 Munich on sea ray fair, thank sincerely view to guide the broad masses of users.Time: in 2013, March 19 solstice on March 21Address: Shanghai new international expo c...
2013 - 11 - 29
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In 2013, the 11th China (guangzhou) international professional audio, lighting fair a complete success!
2013 - 11 - 29
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2012 Shanghai lighting exhibition has come to a successful conclusion!
2013 - 11 - 29
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Pangolin Laser Systems, Chinese name the Pangolin Laser Systems co., LTD., is a Laser show software, text and Laser and Laser protection technology of the world's leading.Pangolin of Lasershow Designer is the world's most popular 2000 series software performance of professional laser made software.And QuickShow is based on LD2000 developed a set of simple and easy to use, affordable, powerful software, its price is much cheaper than the most professional laser even cheaper.
The whole network controlILDA SD card offline playbackFull color OLED displaysSupport the DMX, ArtNet, ILDA, OSC, and CITP signalModular, custom designSupport the output up to 120 KPPS galvanometer scanning signalSupport 6 channel color laser outputImproved algorithm laser signal output, increase the interpolationImprove the transport protocol, support more laser control at the same time
Lasershow Designer 2000 is Pangolin system company in the 2000 release of the new laser performance design and package.The software company focused Pangolin laser system more than 20 years in the laser show the latest research achievements in the field of design and control.In LD2000 improved the design process, the company technical personnel not only collected a large number of professional laser performance artists worldwide to Pangolin company LD series of laser design software with opinions and laser artists artistic thinking of the long-term accumulation, at the same time learned today in the field of multimedia computer all kinds of new technology and new design concept.Immediately after the software released in 2000, in the field of global laser artistic performance is popular, pop...
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